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10th Annual Treasure Trove Fishing Tournament and Free Fish Fry this Saturday

10th Annual Treasure Trove Fishing Tournament and Free Fish Fry this Saturday

What huge surprises does the Internationally World Famous Treasure Trove Fishing Tournament have in store for this Saturday’s 10th Anniversary? None. In fact, the casually cool tournament wants to stay exactly like it always has been.

In a nutshell, the a free fishing tournament which is open to the public, supplies the fish for the free fish fry – why mess with perfection?

Treasure Trove Tavern owner Jeff Rudd, musician Catfish Hunter, Phil Dunn, and Clegg Durkin created the annual event while sitting at the bar of the Trove.

“Part of the coolness of the tournament is it’s never been any different,” said Dunn.

Just like in past years, the competition this Saturday, July 15, is free to enter, and rules are basically absent: Fishing starts at 7 a.m., lines must be out at 3 p.m., and when the boats are all back (weigh-in ends at 5 p.m.) prizes are awarded in a variety of categories like juniors, women, and bar and restaurant folks.

Then comes the fish fry. Anyone, and that includes, well – anyone – entrants, non-entrants and lucky passers-by, may partake in eating the grilled, blackened or fried fish prepared by Trove staff.

Live music and awards round out the laid back event.

This year’s charity is Tedy’s Team, a program started by New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi to raise funds for the American Stroke Association (Facebook.com/TedysTeam). Bruschi suffered a stroke in 2005 at age 31, just weeks after winning his third Super Bowl.

Organizer Phil Dunn suffered a stroke in 2014.

“It’s really a cool charity, probably the best stroke charity out there,” says Dunn, who estimates the tournament will send $2,000 to $3,000 to Tedy’s Team, mainly through the sale of T-shirts.

Dunn says, “One of the beautiful things about the tournament is nobody’s looking to make money off of it.”

What is the major highlight of the event? The kids, of course! “We always we end up with kids standing outside the bar weighing their fish in with big smiles on their faces. It’s great.”

For a ‘reel’ South Florida experience, the scene at the Trove during weigh-in, with the scale hanging from the rafters outside the bar, is tough to top. The sidewalk is periodically hosed down to remove the fish blood. Fans and organizers wouldn’t want it an other way.

The Internationally World Famous Treasure Trove is at 2933 SE Fifth St., Fort Lauderdale beach. For more information, email trovefishing@gmail.com or call Dunn at 754-245-6062.


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