Accused teen murderer Corey Johnson had long history with Palm Beach County Schools and FBI

Corey Johnson Palm Beach Gardens murder stabbing

Two weeks ago the FBI was planning to arrest Corey Johnson, 17, on federal charges. A stunning report released about Johnson, the Jupiter teenager accused of stabbing a 13-year-old boy to death and stabbing a mother and her young son dozens of times while he attended a sleepover in their Palm Beach Gardens home, details four years of alarming behavior and threats.

More than a year ago, the FBI launched an investigation into Johnson’s alleged desire to join ISIS. His family said that the teen was fascinated with Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Kim Jong Un, and that he had recently began studying the Quran.

The Palm Beach County School District has documented incidents going back four years on Johnson, who was recently withdrawn from Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens.

As early as 2014, a student at Independence Middle School in Jupiter reported Johnson was taking unwanted photos of her, attempting to contact her through social media, and soliciting inappropriate acts.

Teen charged with murder in Palm Beach Gardens says he was defending Muslim faith

The same year, John was involved in a physical fight with another student.

In 2015, Police reports indicate that a student said Johnson made hateful remarks in class saying “All g**s should be killed,” “J**ish people are going to hell.” It goes on to say that the teen talked about the KKK.

The student told police that Corey Johnson used to have a sticker of Hitler on his identification picture.

Police followed up with Johnson’s mom, who said he would attend a church youth program.

Johnson’s sister told a teacher in 2016, that she feared her brother and slept with a knife underneath her pillow. At that time, she divulged that his ‘white supremacists beliefs’ were ‘escalating.’

Again in 2016, Dwyer High School’s principal received anonymous emails that accused Johnson of posting a picture of two students in his culinary class on social media and commenting: “Tomorrow I am planning to kill the (expletive) in the back after fifth period with two knives.”

Police said they were not able to determine who was making the threat.

Johnson’s sister contacted authorities with concerns for her brother on several occasions.

One school police officer wrote that Johnson was, “fascinated with extremists groups and beheadings” and may be a “potential problem in the future.” The officer notated that Johnson’s characteristics should be evaluated further by a licensed mental health physician.

Jupiter police confirm that the FBI has been looking into alleged threats Johnson made to a Catholic School in England. Authorities said the threats were so serious that up to 100 students withdrew from the school for fear of an attack.

According to, On March 5, police in Jupiter reached out to the FBI about the status of its investigation into Johnson and were told that probable cause affidavits would be coming in the next several weeks.

The FBI was planning to arrest Corey Johnson in the coming weeks on federal charges.

The fatal stabbing occurred on March 12, 2018 at Elaine Simon’s BallenIsles home.



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