6 stinky reasons to check your pee


When you look into the bowl, you want to see some pale yellow pee– that normally means your urine is healthy and you’re well hydrated.

But how should it smell!.?.!?

Possibilities are, you do not give your pee’s odor a second thought. Unless, that is, you discover something suspect wafting up after you take a leak.

Most of the time, you will not observe anything– urine typically has only a small ammonia-like smell, if it has one at all. However there are some circumstances that can trigger your pee to reek.

Find out what’s behind your pee’s odor, and if you ought to stress about the funk.

Reason your pee stinks: You’re dehydrated

Just as not taking in adequate H20 can leave your pee extra yellow, it can also make it extra stinky, too.

When your body breaks down the protein you eat, a colorless compound called urea is formed, which is excreted through your urine, according to urologist Mehran Movassaghi, MD, of Movassaghi Urology in Santa Monica, California.

Water waters down the urea, so if you’re not drinking enough of it, your pee will contain a more concentrated dosage of urea– making your urine both a much deeper yellow and offering it a heavier ammonia-like smell, he said.

If you rehydrate, your pee will normally get lighter and less stinky.

Reason your pee stinks: You consumed something different

Asparagus is notorious for making urine smell, um, different– but not everyone who eats the vegetable notices it.

According to a new study in BMJ, the pee these people produce after an asparagus-heavy supper– typically explained as a sulphoric odor– might be just as stinky, but they may not have the genes to smell it.

Garlic– which likewise contains sulfur– and high protein diets can also alter pee fragrance, in addition to fenugreek, Brussels sprouts and curry.

Reason your pee stinks: You drank extra coffee

Coffee beans contain a compound called caffeol, which is released during roasting– giving coffee that scrumptious, drink-me-now aroma. However it’s insoluble in water, which means it stays intact as it goes through your system and out when you take a leak.

So if you consume sufficient coffee– specifically if you’ve been skimping on water and you’re a little dehydrated– the caffeol will be more concentrated, as explained by urologist S. Adam Ramin, MD, of Urology Cancer Specialists in Los Angeles, California. And that can provide your pee a slight coffee-like smell.

The smell is even worse if you’re dehydrated, because you’ll also be handling that focused urea, which can enhance the aroma.

Reason your pee stinks: You have a urinary tract infection(UTI)

When an infection occurs anywhere in your urinary tract, germs can change the color and odor of your urine, Movassaghi said.

Usually, you’ll see a very strong ammonia smell, or it can be somewhat sweet. In thecase of UTIs, the urine is often cloudy or bloody too. Because the infections are normally brought on by germs, an antibiotic from your physician can wipe them out– and the resulting odor, although you may have a various smell in the meantime from the medication.

Reason your pee stinks: You began a brand-new supplement or medication

Some vitamins, medications and supplements have components that can change pee odor, and often the look as well. Anyone who’s taken a multivitamin– especially one that consists of vitamin B– and peed neon yellow after can confirm to that.

Medications like prescription antibiotics can likewise cause your pee to smell because those that include penicillin are stemmed from mold. That can provide your urine a yeasty or fungus-like funk, but it dissipates as soon as you go through your antibiotic course.

Reason your pee stinks: You have a sexually transferred infection

There are some sexually sent infections (STI)’s that are understood to cause malodorous urine, Movassaghi stated. These include trichomoniasis, chlamydia and gonorrhea.

The modification takes place since the organisms responsible for the diseases trigger more production of ammonia, which the body attempts to clear through the urinary system.

Smelly pee may be the very best heads-up you get for trichomoniasis, he stated, because that STI generally has no other symptoms.

When to see a medical professional about your stinky pee?

On its own, mildly foul-smelling pee isn’t really usually worth a urologist visit unless it seems to be continuing, Ramin said.

If it features other signs like cloudy or bloody urine, discomfort or burning when you pee, or fever or chills, you might want to schedule a visit. These can indicate doctor-worthy concerns, like an infection or perhaps urinary stones.


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