9-year-old Alien-Fighting Expert Applies to NASA

Jack Davis NASA Letter

A 9-year-old boy with intergalactic aspirations and an impressive handwritten résumé, has applied for the position of planetary protection officer at NASA.

The youngster, Jack Davis, put together a list of his qualifications and elaborated on his experience in the field. Some of his qualifications include: “my sister says I am an alien also I have seen almost all the space and alien movies I can see.”

Jack’s alien-fighting letter is enthusiastic, but it does not overrate. In fact, he admits that he might not be the most qualified candidate, but he has a remedy for that too.

“I am great at video games. I am young, so I can learn to think like an Alien.”

Seems that Jack, as many would from the title, assumes that the planetary protection officer job is like a scene from Men in Black.

NASA responded to Jack’s application and recognized the confusion, saying the duties, “may not be in real-life what the title conjures up,” the space agency said it promotes “the responsible exploration of our solar system by preventing microbial contamination.”

The position advertisement and details can be found on NASA’s website.

While young Jack is still hoping to increase his credentials by watching the movie Men in Black, his eagerness to learn to think like an alien, is really a testimony to his dedication to the job.

Dr. James L. Green, the director of NASA’s planetary science division, wrote to Jack and encouraged him to study hard. He also said that he hoped to see him work for NASA someday, adding the officer position was “very important work.”

NASA’s planetary research director, Jonathan Rall, even called the boy to congratulate him on his interest.

Jack will certainly remember the results of his NASA job application, since he has most likely received more attention than the other candidates who simply aspire to prevent microbial contamination.


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