Alabama chooses Doug Jones over Roy Moore for Senate Seat

Doug Jones beats Roy Moore

Alabama chooses Democrat Doug Jones over Republican Roy Moore for Senate Seat

Doug Jones wins election to the United States Senate from Alabama, in a record-breaking vote in the historically conservative and heavily Republican state.

The win for Jones brings an eye-opening political blow to President Donald Trump and narrows the GOP’s majority in the Senate to just two seats.

Jones, who is the state’s former U.S. attorney, beat Roy Moore, a former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court whose campaign was rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct that allegedly took place decades ago and involved teenage girls.

The struggle for the open Senate seat came amid a national reckoning with sordid conduct from those in powerful positions.

Moore, now 70, has denied the allegations, claiming them as a smear campaign brought about by the Democratic Party and the media.
The 63-year-old Jones, an attorney from Birmingham, Alabama, had never run for office.
Former President Bill Clinton named Jones the US attorney for the Northern District of Alabama in Birmingham in 1997.
Jones is a supporter of abortion rights, stating, “I fully support a woman’s freedom to choose what happens to her own body. That is an intensely, intensely personal decision that only she, in consultation with her god, her doctor, her partner or family, that’s her choice.”
He is also a supporter of former President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. “I would adamantly oppose any proposal that does not protect Alabamians from rising health care costs, higher premiums and out-of-pocket expenses while ensuring those with preexisting conditions cannot be denied coverage or charged more,” he wrote.
Jones has called for expanded background checks on the Second Amendment.
He is pro-LGBT and has criticized Trump for his decisions to withdraw the guidelines for schools for the treatment of transgender students and to ban transgender people from serving in the military.
In 2016, Alabama voted for Donald Trump by a gigantic 28-point margin.
The state has not elected a Democrat to the Senate since Richard Shelby was re-elected in 1992. Shelby became a Republican in 1994 and still serves in that seat.


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