Alleged Worth Avenue Thief admits to five burglaries worth Tens of Thousands

Worth Avenue

Worth Avenue, the most exclusive of Palm Beach shopping addresses, has had a string of smash-and-grab robberies totaling tens of thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise and damaged stores.

Palm Beach Police say they have captured Renald Louis and believe he is the one who committed those burglaries.

Louis, 22, is charged with multiple counts of grand theft along with five counts of burglary and property damage to the island businesses.

October 26: Louis allegedly broke into the Kasha McKee Gallery. Items missing included a computer and additional equipment.

November 8: surveillance video shows Louis inside the Louis Vuitton store. The footage captures him smashing a display case and taking off with around $15,000 worth of handbags. Damages to the store were reportedly $10,000.

November 26: Blesk Jewelry’s front door is smashed and $11,500 worth of jewelry is stolen.

In the early morning hours of November 28: The alarm at the Gucci store began sounding when the front door was tampered with. Police responded to the alarm.

November 28: The Only Authentics retail store was burglarized when the front door was smashed and several Chanel handbags were stolen. The merchandise’s value was estimated at $20,000.00 and store repairs were estimated at $2,500.00

As police were on scene nearby, a security guard at The Everglades Club reported a man running onto the property and carrying a large backpack.

When police caught up with and arrested Louis, who resides in suburban West Palm Beach, they found the five missing Chanel handbags concealed in his black backpack.

Louis reportedly confessed to all five of the burglaries. He said he used to work in a restaurant on Worth Avenue, but turned to burglary in order to pay his bills.

Police located an “Offer Up” account linked to Louis. There were multiple handbags listed for sale.

Louis is currently in the Palm Beach County Jail, being held without bond.


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