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Amazon Go – New Grocery Store, Lets you ‘Just walk out’

Amazon Go – New Grocery Store, Lets you ‘Just walk out’

Amazon is set open its newest foray into retail – a grocery store with NO checkout lines!

Leave it to Amazon to get rid of the thing millions dread the most at the supermarket, the lengthy checkout lines. Sure, we’ve all seen self-checkouts, but who hasn’t had a bad experience with one of those?

Amazon has has taken things a giant step closer to making shopping for groceries enjoyable by cutting the checkout lines altogether. The system uses Amazon Go, an app that must be scanned as you walk into the store. Then, thousands of tiny cameras, sensors, computerized codes, and Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ technology lets you shop and just walk out of the store.

The retail superpower has dedicated years of research and testing in order to allow shoppers the chance to grab and go. For the last year, only employees of Amazon could download the app and shop at the line-free market. On Monday, the store will open to the public.

The Amazon Go store is located at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA, near the corner of 7th and Blanchard at the entrance to Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle. The 1,800sf space (which is roughly the size of an average convenience store) is open 7AM—9PM, Monday through Friday.

The company says it has had a huge amount of interest in the technology, but has no plans to open more stores – yet.

Market experts speculate that the advanced proprietary technology Amazon is using could disrupt the entire industry. It could also spell the end of many jobs in the grocery business.

One thing for certain is that shopping Amazon Go will not eliminate the bill for the items you take, although leaving the store with a cart full of groceries may make you feel like you’re getting away without paying, your bank statement will show otherwise.


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