Apple’s iPhone 8: details revealed?


Apple’s iPhone 8 is now the subject of some fresh rumors that suggest some big modifications are afoot.

Schematics professing to reveal the iPhone 8 design were leaked over the weekend by Slashleaks and Benjamin Geskin.

The schematics, which haven’t been validated, show an orange outline around the front panel that, according to the leakers, depicts the screen lines.

If the schematics are genuine, the drawings and lines would recommend that the iPhone 8 won’t have bezels on the left, right, and bottom of the screen, and will just have a little location at the top where Apple plans to bundle the earpiece and front-facing camera.

On the back, the schematics, which were earlier reported on by 9to5Mac, show a vertically aligned rear-facing video camera, instead of the horizontally aligned alternative you’ll currently find in the iPhone 7 Plus.

There’s also a huge circle to the top of the rear panel that will house the Apple logo design, according to the Geskin report. Some had recommended that the circle was in location for a fingerprint sensing unit, however Geskin said that’s not the case.

In more detailed schematics from Slashleaks, an identical style is shown, but an actual screen drawing is there, together with a metal spine to separate both sides.While it’s difficult to understand whether the illustrations are genuine or fakes, they do follow numerous of the most recent rumors surrounding Apple’s iPhone 8.

Numerous current reports, in reality, have actually stated that the iPhone 8 will come with an OLED screen that completely covers the face and will have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor baked into the display.

There’s also talk that Apple has decided to go with a vertically aligned rear-facing video camera rather than a horizontal alternative.

The design in the 2nd schematic also follows earlier reports, which state that Apple will have glass panels on either side separated by a metal spine.

Still, separating truth from fiction isn’t always easy in the continuously moving world of iPhone 8 rumors. And there’s a chance that Apple might eventually opt to make modifications to the handset’s style prior to it sends it off to assembly.

Apple is expected to introduce its iPhone 8 later this year together with 2 other devices, the iPhone 7sĀ and iPhone 7s Plus. Those handsets are reported to consist of only minor upgrades over in 2015’s iPhone 7 models.


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