Arrested Boca Raton Mayor withdraws from Palm Beach County Commission race

Boca Raton Mayor Susan Haynie

Susan Haynie, 62, Boca Raton Mayor, has withdrawn from the Palm Beach County Commission race following her arrest on corruption charges. Haynie was taken to Palm Beach County Jail on Tuesday where she remained for less than three hours, before posting $12,000 bail.

Despite the arrest and the charges against her, Susan Haynie has not resigned as mayor.

According to arrest reports, Haynie was charged with four felony counts as well as three misdemeanors. Some of the charges are: official misconduct, perjury, and corrupt misuse of office. Haynie has been elected to Boca Raton-area office seven times since she was first elected to the Boca council in 2000.

Per law, the Boca City Council can not remove Hanie from office; Only the governor’s office can do that.

Governor Rick Scott‘s office issued a statement saying it is reviewing the matter.

The statement also said, “The Governor expects all elected officials to serve Floridians in an ethical manner.”

Many of Haynie’s charges stem from unreported income and corruption accusations based upon her votes for projects that gave “a special financial benefit” to real estate mogul James Batmasian. The investigation into her finances found her family’s business collected money from Batmasian, who is the city’s largest commercial land owner.

Prosecutors say Haynie failed to report $335,000 in income, including $84,000 she received directly from Batmasian.

The mayor‘s perjury charge alleges she lied under oath to county ethics investigators.


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