Astros head to Florida after Texans deny Field Swap

Houston Astros

The Houston Astros baseball team has a problem – Hurricane Harvey.

The MLB team based in Houston, is facing flooding and damage caused by the monster hurricane that roared through big Texas cities like Rockport and Houston.

Harvey, which has been downgraded to a tropical storm, apparently did not overlook major league baseball in its path of terror. As a result, the Houston Astros will be spending some serious time away from Minute Maid Park. All in all, the Astros will be playing 19 straight games away from home.

Initial reports said that the Astros asked fellow Texans, the Rangers, to swap home game series. But the Arlington-based Rangers ultimately refused to play ball and demanded that both of the “home” game series (all 6 games) be played on the Rangers home field, citing that it wouldn’t be fair to fans who have all ready purchased tickets for the original home series.

Fans learned of the response and were not too pleased to say the least. The Rangers have been broiled by comments from MLB fans, players, and guardians of those affected by the natural disaster.

The move prompted backlash from Facebook and Twitter users such as,

Rangers come out of this looking awful. Some things are bigger than sports.

Fans began turning on the Rangers with comments like this:

The Rangers have just become the most classless, selfish organization in all of sports. I thought Texans were supposed to stick together!!!!

But the Rangers’ loss is Florida’s gain, since the Astros will now head across the gulf to host the 3-game “Home” series at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, home of the Tampa Bay Rays.

The gracious Rays will be on the road in Kansas City and Chicago while the Texas Rangers play host in their stadium.

The first game of the pseudo-home series is tonight with the Astros hosting the Rangers.



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