Boca Raton High School club gets international recognition, video seen during Super Bowl and Olympics


A club intended to include overlooked students at Boca Raton High School has gained the attention and acclamation of worldwide audiences. The “We Dine Together” club, founded last year by students Denis Estimon, Allie Sealy, Jean-Max Meradieu, and Kinsley Florestal, and sponsored by English teacher Jordan Hernandez, set out to support the often unnoticed school-goers who eat lunch alone.

The teen’s innovative ideas and initiatives at Boca High caught the attention of and made their way to a short film produced by CNN, and a commercial from Mass Mutual that aired during Super Bowl LII as well as the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The lunch club supports lone students and unites them with other students so that no one eats alone. Students who are new to the school or have been subjected to bullying often fall into isolating patterns such as solo dining.

CNN recognized the “We Dine Together” founders as an example of America’s unsung heroes. Mass Mutual applauded the teens for addressing and combating social isolation in their school and potentially others around the globe.

While the move to eat lunch with a single student may seem like a simple step in a student population of several thousand, but the impact the compassionate act shows can be truly life changing.

The accolades following the movement are seemingly infectious too, since high schools nationwide and beyond are learning how to use the “We Dine Together” model in their schools. In addition to Boca Raton High School, two other area high schools have adopted lunch clubs.

To view the segment that features “We Dine Together” on Mass Mutual’s website and partially in their commercial, click here.



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