Boca Raton Man WALKS on HANDS to break Guinness World Record

Guinness Record

Most people think running a 5K on their feet is tough enough. But a Boca Raton man upsided the race by walking on his hands.

23-Year-old Ashwin Kalyandurg, spent June 20th focusing on breaking the Guinness world record for walking the farthest on his hands in eight hours. By 5:15 p.m., Kalyandurg had traveled about 3.17 miles, beating the 2002 record by 100 meters, according to the event organizer.

Friends helped measure the distance to submit statements to Guinness, which still must verify the incredible feat.

“Everything is in pain,” Kalyandurg said, referring to his body after the race.

As a senior medical student at Nova Southeastern University, you might think of hand walking as an obvious hobby, but it’s clear Kalyandurg is worrired about breaking the mold.

He took breaks through the day, taking the entire eight hours to reach his goal.

Throughout the past two months, Kalyandurg climbed palm trees, did push-ups and walked on his hands up and down parking garages.

He deserves a hand-standing ovation.


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