Body found after Palm Beach Gardens fire, Dog helps save Residents

Delray Beach Fire Palm Beach Downs

Neighbors are crediting an 8-pound barking dog for alerting Palm Beach Gardens residents to a blazing fire.

Upon being awakened by his small dog, one resident looked out his sliding glass door to see a neighbor’s home on fire.

The man began sounding the alarm for the complex and set out to gather folks into the clubhouse.

Palm Beach Gardens Police and Fire Departments got a phone call at 8:20 a.m. concerning a fire in a structure in the 4200 block of Randolph Way, according to police.

Firemen responding to the fire in the Fountains complex in Palm Beach Gardens found the body of a woman after the fire was extinguished, authorities said. Other reports confirm that a dog and cat were found aliveĀ under the bed in the apartment and were transported for medical care.

Neighbors say the woman rarely left her apartment, where she lived alone.

The fire as well as the fatality remain under examination.

Riley, the dog who alerted his owner, was praised for his help in rousing other residents


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