Boeing 747 Party Plane cleared for Weddings and other High Flying Events

Cotswold Airport Party Plane

Forget about renting a party bus or even a yacht – that’s so 2017! Now serious party people with a love of travel can host their event on board the world’s first licensed Boeing 747 party plane.

Although the plane’s aisle is a bit narrower than the standard church wedding, brides can feel as though they’re walking on air as they walk down to meet their beloved and take their vows in the luxurious commercial airliner.

No more runaway brides; only RUNWAY brides on this party plane!

Those renting the plane either for a wedding or other event may style and arrange the plane according to their choice of decor and theme of the party.

Some original features like seats numbers remain, but the party plane was completely remodeled to accommodate a dance floor, dressing room, make-up area and cocktail bar.

If you decide to party the night away on the unique aircraft, be sure to stay for breakfast at the adjacent AV8 Restaurant which sits almost on the operating runway.

The privately-owned airport is excited to offer the exclusive experience and hoping to expand the new sector of their business.

For more information about hosting a wedding or event on board Cotsworth’s party plane, go to¬†

This party is cleared for take off!


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