Boynton Beach woman shoots husband over HOA fees

Boynton Beach attempted murder

Police reports say a Boynton Beach woman has been charged with attempted murder after she shot her husband in the head, both arms, right leg and back; then shot herself in the leg. The couple was reportedly arguing over homeowners association (HOA) fees.

Lisa Barreca, 53, and Eric Barreca were in their Boynton Beach home on Aspen Leaf Drive Monday night when they allegedly got into an heated argument in the kitchen. That’s when Lisa reportedly got her gun, a 380 Ruger that was registered to her husband, and began shooting Eric.

According to reports, Eric “slapped and pushed Lisa,” which resulted in Lisa shooting her husband multiple times. The gunshot wound in his back suggests that he was trying to get away.

When responders arrived after Eric managed to call 911, they found Lisa in the garage with a presumed self-inflicted gunshot wound to her thigh.

Documents say Eric told police “he got into an argument with Lisa in the kitchen of the residence over HOA complaints.” As the argument escalated, he confirmed that he followed his wife into the garage where she retrieved the gun.

Eric Barreca was found with gunshot wounds to his head, both arms, right leg, and back.

Included in the report was notation that Lisa did not make attempts to call 911 or aid Eric in any way. Police further noted that the shot to his back was “indicative of fleeing, not attacking.” Police located seven bullet casings.

When police interviewed Lisa Barreca, she said she was scared and exercised her right to remain silent about what happened to her and her husband. Furthermore, the reports document that Lisa “showed no signs of emotion or remorse.”

She did not ask about her husband’s condition. “She stated she just wants to get home to her dog.”

Lisa Barreca was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Both Lisa and Eric we transported for medical treatment.



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