Boynton Mother does the unthinkable – Dashcam Captures

Bandy N. Lerma

A police dashcam video recorded harrowing moments of a 31-year-old Boynton Beach mother’s driving. The woman, who is accused of DUI, can be seen driving southbound on Haverhill Road, weaving back and forth. Then once police stopped her, she can be viewed waffling unsteadily on her feet as she fails a roadside sobriety test.

But the biggest shock is what the dashcam did not record.

Off camera, while Brandy N. Lerma was behind the wheel of a gold Chevrolet Malibu, miraculously avoiding disaster, her 3-year-old child was standing unrestrained in the back seat, according to reports from Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputies.

The incident took place on August 12 when, a tow truck driver, Juan Martinez, observed the gold Malibu weaving through traffic lanes around the intersection of Haverhill and Belvedere roads. Martinez called 9-1-1, which led to authorities apprehending Lerma.

Martinez’s statement to police included recounting how the the driver narrowly escaped hitting four vehicles. He included, “I was afraid she was going to kill someone.”

According to an arrest report, Lerma told a deputy she had, “A couple of Fireballs,” to drink before getting into her car to drive.

Deputies acknowledged that it was obvious the defendant was extremely impaired, per the arrest report.

Investigators said they noticed a strong odor of alcohol and the driver, Lerma, was unable to stand without assistance.

A breath test indicated the driver of the Mailbu was three times over the legal limit.

It wasn’t until Lerma was handcuffed and secured in the back of a deputy’s patrol car, shouting and screaming “I would kill you.” that the Boynton woman asked who would be picking up her child.

At that time a deputy discovered Lerma’s 3-year-old son in the back seat of the gold car she was driving. They reportedly saw no protective child seats in Lerma’s car.

The driver/mother, Brandy N. Lerma was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on charges of DUI and child abuse. She has since been released on a $3,000 bond.

She is awaiting a September court date.



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