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Camper that turns into a boat is coolest way to travel

Camper that turns into a boat is coolest way to travel

Now you don’t have to choose between camping and sailing for the weekend.

German Company, Sealander is offering a cozy trailer-hitched camper that conveniently turns into a lake-worthy houseboat with a couple of small adjustments.

So if you have no space to pitch a camping tent, simply use all that nice, calm open water. Plus, you do not have to stress over getting your sleeping too close to the fire pit.

The Sealander is well designed for both sitting dry under the stars, with its convertible sunroof, or taking a quick dip with its integrated hand rails and ladder. The camper is only 1,100 pounds, so it’s easy to tow, as well.

The only drawback is that you cannot exactly accommodate a huge house party. The interior is just 13 square feet and has seating for 6 people. The same seating likewise folds out into a bed.

It doesn’t sound too comfy for the whole family to delight in at one time, but it’s most likely excellent for a romantic getaway.

What it lacks in seating area, the Sealander makes up for in storage. The interior can be tailored to consist of a refrigerator, a grill or even a toilet. Now you never have to leave your camper.

The tiny camper/boat can only drive at about 5 miles per hour, but it’s just planned for going out to the water. Unfortunately, it’s not recommended to cruise the waves.

Of course, the cost for the best compact summertime vacation presently runs just below $30,000 CAD (about$ 22,000 USD). Currently, the Sealander is just offered in Europe and Canada, however according to Maxim, the business satisfies security standards for countries worldwide.


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