CBS bringing back Magnum P.I., but what about the mustache?

Magnum P.I.

Only Tom Selleck could fill the boat shoes worn by Thomas Magnum, right? Well, CBS has ordered a reboot of the 80’s mega-hit Magnum P.I. This time, the ex-Navy Seal returns home from Afghanistan and uses his training to become a highly-successful private investigator.

The update is being headed by Peter Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim, of Hawaii Five-O fame (another reboot). Since their current show is believed to be in its final season, the Magnum update could be great timing for the pair.

The late John Hillerman, who played Jonathan Higgins, III, may have been amused to learn that his role has been reimagined as a disavowed former MI:6 agent named Juliet Higgins.

Magnum’s favorite partners in stopping crime, T.C. and Rick remain as key characters in the new series. The potential new series hopes to inject some of the original humor and buddy banter that the authentic series which ran from 1980-1988 highlighted.

The real question here is about the mustache. Will there be a Tom Selleck-quality mustache on CBS‘s new Magnum P.I.?

Would we, could we watch a ‘stache-less Thomas Magnum?

At this time, the network has order a pilot for the possible new series. There is no air date available yet. Since Tom Selleck is still working on Blue Bloods with CBS, we can’t help but hope that the original Magnum can make an appearance. Please!

CBS has also order a pilot for a new Cagney and Lacey. An updated pilot for Murphy Brown is in the works and new episodes of Roseanne are scheduled to air soon.

Looks like everything (kind of) old is new again, even on t.v.


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