Dalia Dippolito murder case will not be reviewed by U.S. Supreme Court

Dalia Dippolito

Dalia Dippolito’s third murder-for-hire trial will not be taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court. The nation’s highest court has denied her petition to review her lawyers’ claim that they were unfairly silenced by a gag order last year.

Remarkably, Dippolito, who was found guilty of trying to hire an undercover law enforcement officer to murder her husband, will still be able to pursue an overturn of her 16-year-prison sentence before a Florida appellate court.

The now 35-year-old woman’s attorneys argued that Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Glenn Kelley violated their First Amendment rights by issuing a gag order which prevented both sides of the case from making case-related statements to reporters until the jury was sworn in.

Dalia Dippolito pondering PRISON BREAK? Tape-recorded Phone Call DA wants heard

The legal team filed a petition with the Supreme Court which came back Monday to reject the free speech matter without explanation.

Dippolito’s lawyers say they intend to continue to seek justice for their client.

The following is our previous article detailing Dippolito’s third murder-for-hire trial which resulted in a guilty verdict.

Dalia Dippolito Sentenced to 16 years in Murder-for-Hire Case

After three trials and eight years, Dalia Dippolito received sentencing from Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Glenn Kelley in her murder-for-hire case.

Dippolito was sentenced to 16 years in prison for trying to arrange the murder of her husband. The shocking crime was captured on video and gained the attention of onlookers worldwide.


Prosecutors requested a sentence of 30 years, but Dalia Dippolito’s attorney asked for mercy, petitioning for no more than two years in prison plus probation. State guidelines recommend a minimum of four years in prison plus probation.

The sentence handed to the Dippolito, 34, was far less than the prosecutors requested, but much greater than her attorney has proposed.

Dippolito was described as “a loving mother” with no prior criminal history by the defense. Prosecutors painted her as attempting “the most ruthless, cruel, inhumane, heartless and deliberate” acts against her former spouse, Michael Dippolito.

Now divorced from Dalia, Michael Dippolito spoke as the state’s only witness. He descibed meeting his wife when he hired her as a paid escort, then marrying her just four months later. He went on to tell about Dalia trying to poison him by adding anti-freeze to his tea, and how she stole $100,000 from him.

The former husband of the defendant was obviously angry and peppered his testimony with expletives. The judge complimented his honest remarks, adding that, “He was an innocent victim in all of this.”

Letters in support of the defendant, including one from Dalia Dippolito’s mother were read aloud in court. Then the defense attorney proposed that his client had all ready served her punishment with eight years of house arrest.

The judge, however; decided that Dalia Dippolito would receive 16 years in prison.

An appeal is expected. The larger question remains whether or not the judge will allow Dalia Dippolito to carry out her pending appeal (which can take 2-3 years) on house arrest or if he will require her to remain in prison.

Dalia Dippolito gave birth to a son while under home confinement. The child is now 14 months old. The defense saw this as a reason to allow the mother to stay home with her child. Prosecutors have used this as evidence of Dippolito’s manipulation. Judge Kelley said he saw merits to both arguments, but, “the child is not going to play a factor in this. It’s not something I need to or want to consider.”


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