Dalia Dippolito pondering PRISON BREAK? Tape-recorded Phone Call DA wants heard

Dalia Dippolito

Dalia Dippolito is asking the judge to allow her to be released on bond with house arrest while she once again appeals the sentence of her (third) murder-for-hire trial.

Prosecutors claim that she should not be released to her family’s home because they believe Dippolito is mulling a prison escape; and say they have proof with a tape-recorded jailhouse phone call.

According to prosecutors, in the call, which does not disclose with whom Dippolito, 34, is speaking, she can be heard “enthusiastically” discussing the means and details of a recent South Carolina prison break.

When talking about an inmate who escaped from a maximum security prison by having drone fly over and deliver wire clippers, she reportedly says, “Everyone here was like pumped up when they read that.” She went on to review how the inmate used a dummy in his bed which allowed him an 18-hour headstart.

Dippolito’s attorney, Greg Rosenfeld, declined to comment until after he reviewed the tape. He argued that she should be allowed house arrest with bond and that she poses no flight risk. They pointed out that she has previously served time on house arrest while awaiting appeal.

The prosecution is claiming the new evidence is cause to deny bond, hoping the judge will not grant Dippolito’s request for house arrest.

They claim that shortly after the judge sentenced her to 16 years in prison for her 2009 solicitation to commit first-degree murder of her husband, Dalia Dippolito can be heard discussing in detail the procedures used in the recent prison escape.

A hearing has been scheduled for August 9.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.



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