David Beckham announces launch of Major League Soccer in South Florida

David Beckham Major League Soccer Miami

Soccer superstar David Beckham announced Monday that he is officially launching a Major League Soccer team in Miami, Florida. In an exclusive interview with ABC News’ Adrienne Bankert that aired on “Good Morning America,”  Beckham admits the team is  something he has been talking about for “a long, long time.”

Beckham first announced the Miami endeavor four years ago. He says bumps along the road and have been frustrating, but now have placed them “in such a positive place.”

“I think you have to go through these things in order to come out on the other side and be stronger and a better person,” he added.

David Beckham, who has four children with his wife, Victoria, said that all of the work he has done since retiring from playing soccer in 2013 is for his kids. Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 12, and Harper, 6 have, “…seen Daddy fly to Miami, they’ve seen him come back, they’ve seen him smile from talking about Miami, they’ve seen me frustrated.”

During the interview, Beckham said that he plans on spending a huge amount of time in Miami to deal with the business of the team, but his family will stay in London in order to maintain their normality and keep their schools consistent.

He did add that his family would come over whenever they have a chance.

Recent reports say Beckham spent $9 million to secure a plot of land in Overtown. It is not confirmed if the purchase has been completed.


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