Delray Beach man uses fake AR-15 RIFLE over McDonald’s ice cream


Florida man pulls out fake AR-15 rifle over McDonald’s ice cream dispute

When a car carrying two men pulled up to a Delray Beach, Florida McDonald’s drive-thru, the terrified employees could not believe what they saw; and it was all captured on surveillance video.

Reports from officials detail how a car containing two men: Jerry Henry, passenger, and Michael Delhomme, driver, attempted to order ice cream through a Delray Beach McDonald’s drive-thru. When the men were told the ice cream machine was not in working order, Delhomme reportedly became agitated. That’s when things got very heated.

According to Henry, he was instructed by Delhomme to get the “stick” out of the trunk of the vehicle. Henry obliged, returned to the front passenger seat of the car, and placed the “stick” a realistic looking, but fake AR-15 Rifle between his legs.

McDonald’s employees watched what was unfolding on the drive-thru surveillance video and immediately called 9-1-1. All employees were alerted and the terrified staff went into the bathroom to hide until authorities gave them word that it was safe to come out.

The video capturing the event was confirmed, and Henry was arrested on the charge of improper exhibition of a firearm. At this time there is no additional information regarding Delhomme.


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