Easy way to Turn unused Devices into Security Cameras


With technology advancing at the speed of light and our insatiable desire to always have the latest and greatest, the question now arises – what do you do with old tech devices?

If you have an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad lying around, you can turn it into a security camera with very little effort. One note, if you use a tablet, it will need to have a rear camera.

To keep the gadget upright and pointed in the right direction, you’ll need an inexpensive stand of some kind. Here’s a change for you to get creative. Think about housing the device in a sturdy hollowed-out book, or hanging it in a wall-mounted frame. The possibilities are endless and can integrate into your decor without interruption.

With your choice of stand in place, now you just need the app.

Download the free Manything app. It uses your gadget’s camera to detect motion and trigger an alert. In addition to sending you a photo, it can capture video to a free cloud storage account and stream it live to the gadget you have with you. You just need to install Manything on that gadget as well.

This fantastic (free!) app has fancy features like adjustable motion sensitivity and programmable motion zones so it can watch specific areas. Time-lapse and a built-in remote control are also included. You can even view multiple cameras in one place. If you’re really feeling adventurous, it has IFTTT support for triggering updates to social media or Internet-connected home appliances like some LED light bulbs.

While Manything and an unused device is great for simple security, you could also use it to record activity around a bird feeder or know when a child leaves a bedroom at night.

Like most free apps, there are paid options that let you use it with more than one camera or get more than 12 hours of cloud recording storage.

Now the next time you decide to upgrade your smartphone, you can update your home security as well.



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