Escaped Alabama Prisoner CAPTURED in Martin County


The final individual in a group of 12 escaped Alabama inmates has been captured in Martin County, FL.

The dozen prisoners escaped from their jail by allegedly using peanut butter to alter the number over a door that led to the outside. A new employee was fooled by the scheme and unlocked the door.

The inmates used their prison uniforms and blankets to hurdle over the razor-wire fence surrounding the Walker County Jail.

The men were serving time for crimes such as attempted murder, 1st degree burglary, breaking and entering, drug-related charges, and others.

The first eleven prisoners captured within 12 hours: Johnny Richard Hunter, 26, Christopher Smith, 19,  Ethan Howard Pearl, 24, Steven Blake Lamb, 28, Michael Adam McGuff, 30, Christopher Cole Spain, 18, Larry Inman Jr., 29, Kristopher Keith Secrest, 20, Timothy Chaz Cooper, 28, Quadrekas Latoddrick Key, 21,and Steven Sanford Hartley, 27. But 24-year-old Brady Andrew Kilpatrick remained at large until he was caught two days later, hiding in a Tequesta home.

When the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force, the Martin County Sheriff’s Department, and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Tactical Unit joined efforts to apprehended Kilpatrick, he was not alone. Hiding with him in a home in the 10000 block of SE Hobart Street in the south end of Martin County, were 18-year-old Jensen Davis Lefan, of Cordova, Ala., and 24-year-old Hayden Mayberry, of Jasper, Ala. The two are now facing charges of aiding and abetting an escapee, according to Walker County Sheriff James Underwood.

According to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Kilpatrick was the only one to make it out of the Walker County Alabama area. The Alabama prisoner was serving time for drug-related crimes.

Kilpatrick’s mistake, as the Facebook page reads, “was coming to Martin County.”


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