Fire in West Palm Beach Walmart has Police searching for 3 Suspects

West Palm Beach Walmart

A threesome of thieves, including a woman and two men, created a fiery scene in order to make their getaway from a West Palm Beach Walmart Supercenter on October 26.

The suspects filled a cart full of merchandise, much of which was Halloween themed, then they positioned the heaping cart near the store’s entrance.

Officials say the trio intentionally started a fire inside the West Palm Beach Walmart Supercenter on the 4300 block of Belvedere Road .

While the fire created a distraction and concern for employees and patrons, the suspects pushed the shopping cart out the doors and fled without paying for the merchandise.

Authorities say the three thieves had a young girl with them and left in a black Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

The value of the stolen goods was not disclosed.



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