“Fixer Upper” Frenzy: Why all the Buzz about Chip and Joanna Gaines?

Chip- and Joanna Gaines Family

HGTV’s monster hit, Fixer Upper, has snowballed in its ratings; and over the last four seasons, the show and its stars have developed a devoted following. In fact, it seems the consistently cheery couple practically has the Midas touch.

Need an example? How about a tiny (700sf), shotgun-style house in Waco, TX, purchased by a young couple for $28,000 barely more than a year ago is now listed for $950,000 after receiving the Fixer Upper treatment.

Sign me upper!

The Waco-based twosome have not been content with a hit t.v. show. Soon, there may be no space void of the Gaines’ presence.

Their silo flagship, Magnolia Market, is such a draw, it has created a new tourist destination!

Authors of The Magnolia Story, Chip and Jo added restaurateurs to their growing list of titles. A bakery, Bed & Breakfast, furniture line, lifestyle brand, beauty line, and more confirms that this dynamic duo is turning “farmhouse chic” into a pot of gold.

There’s even a spin-off show, Fixer Upper: Behind the Design. We can’t get enough of this match made in shiplap Heaven.

Watch an episode of Fixer Upper and try not to laugh at Chip Gaines. I dare you; I double-dog dare you.

His childish behavior and self-deprecating humor coalesced with boundless energy can crack even the hardest of shells. Next to market: Chip Gains’ Energy Bars – please!

But seriously, who gets that exited about “Demo day” or a ham sandwich?

Perhaps what makes Chip and Joanna so watchable is their obvious devotion to and genuine love for each other. You can not fake this stuff. He adores her, she adores (and tolerates) him, and they are crazy about their four kids.

They live on a farm. They don’t own a television. They haven’t pulled their hair out.

So, could this pair’s secret sauce really be no secret at all? Could it be that faith and family plus hard work equals success? Hmm…

The attraction of this show and all of the franchise’s merchandise is not the glamorized farmhouses. It’s not the amazing performances in design and remodeling. It’s the revival of pure, wholesome life played out in what might just be the most realistic reality show on t.v.



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