Ft. Pierce Woman accused of switching bar codes at Vero Beach Walmart

Cheyenne West

A 25-year-old Florida mother was arrested and charged on Monday after officials say she attempted to creatively steal about $1800 worth of video games and electronics from the Vero Beach Walmart.

Cheyenne Amber West, of Fort Pierce, was brought up on charges of felony grand theft and felony shoplifting after authorities say she deceptively used the self check-out to ring up $1,824 worth of electronics for just $3.70.

West, along with her mother, Alicia West, allegedly loaded up on expensive items from Walmart’s electronics department. The merchandise included video games and a laptop computer. The women then set to work covering up the items’ barcodes with ones they obtained from items in the store’s clearance department.

They chose to pay through one of the Vero Beach store’s self check-out lanes, most likely to avoid interaction with a cashier.

Before the pair could get away with their deeply discounted purchase, one of the store’s loss prevention officers took notice and stopped the mother-daughter team before they could make off with the disguised goods.

A deputy reported that West, when asked about the items, said,

“I am just trying to get gifts for my son that I cannot afford,”

“The computer is for my husband. Since he just got me a Coach purse, I figured he deserved something nice, as well.”

Cheyenne West, who listed ‘waitress’ as her occupation, was released from the Indian River County Jail after posting $3,000 bond on November 7th. Records show she is awaiting a December 13, 2007 court date.

No charges were filed against West’s mother.


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