‘Game of Thrones’ Celebrated with Fantastic Feasts in South Florida

Game of Thrones

Consider this your raven; sent to forewarn of impending danger – danger of missing out on the “Game of Thrones” Season Seven celebrating!

The Emmy-snubbed HBO super saga has left fans wanting for more. The more that South Florida has to offer comes in the form of cocktails, savage meats, games, and inspiring craft beers.

In the sun-filled land of eternal summer, “Winter is Here” and it has settled upon the restaurant scene. So rally the Seven Kingdoms – for tonight, WE FEAST!

Where:  Purdy Lounge, 1811 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach. 305-531-4622 or PurdyLounge.com.

Cocktails: Mother of Dragons ($12) a fusion of tequila, bitters, lime, and Amarena cherries. Hurry, the drink will be offered July 14-16

Where: Wynwood restaurant Beaker and Gray,  2637 N. Miami Ave., Miami.For Reservations are recommended, 305-699-2637 or BeakerAndGray.com.

Feast:  You best be quick about it! Only through Sunday, the  Casino restaurant’s Game of Thrones dinner menu will include, Greyjoy Sausage, which is sliced sausage with peas, onions and rosemary roasted potatoes. (The name may conjure recollections of a torture scene involving Theon Greyjoy and his – ahem – anatomy.) Be sure to finish with Dragon’s Blood Pana-Cotta.

Cocktails: Castle Black, a spiced rum and stout concoction; and North of the Wall, a mysterious mix featuring vodka and berry flavors.

Where: Kill Your Idol, 222 Espanola Way, Miami Beach

Event: “Game of Thrones” Season 7 watch parties, 9 p.m. Sunday, July 16, and the next six consecutive Sundays.

Cocktails: Game of Thrones -inspired craft beers from Ommegang Brewery.

Game: Take a shot whenever Bran Stark has a vision, and pour one out for your favorite fallen character.

Worried about breaking The Iron Bank with such indulgences? Remember this opportunity only lasts until the “Winter’s” frost has melted.


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