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Great White Shark spotted off South Florida Coast

Great White Shark spotted off South Florida Coast

South Florida is known for attracting visitors from around the globe. Seems just about everyone wants to swim in the mild waters off the Atlantic coast – including great white sharks!

One such shark is Savannah. The graceful female shark is tracked and monitored by Ocearch, a marine research group responsible for keeping track of sharks around the world.

Savannah, measuring at 8.5 feet long and weighing in at 460 pounds, has been busy navigating waters from South Carolina all the way up to Nova Scotia. In fact, the amazing Savannah has logged more than 3,561 miles since she was tagged.

It is unclear if this is the shark’s first trip to South Florida, but she does seem to being enjoying herself. Savannah was spotted about one mile off of Haulover Park last Sunday.

Also making her way down to warmer waters is Miss Costa. The 12-foot-long doozie of a great white was enjoying time around the Florida Keys in December. According to her tracking information, she seems to be heading toward South Florida again soon.


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