History Channel’s ‘American Pickers’ coming to Florida and they want your old stuff

American Pickers History Channel

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, stars of The History Channel series, ‘American Pickers’ are set to film episodes of their hit reality show in the Sunshine State this Winter. The team is looking for collections of just about anything that could be preserved or restored.

The Antique Archaeologists are interested in a range of items from old motorcycle parts, to vintage toys, to storage buildings filled with mysterious unknowns.

What the team really wants is leads. They’re looking for the inside scoop on where to find the rustiest, dustiest stash of old treasures hidden within the rich history of Florida‘s barns and storage buildings, garages and attics.

And it wouldn’t hurt to have a fascinating story or crusty elder telling a tale related to the item (and the area) in its glory days.

Mike and Frank are scouring the gateway to the tropics in search of larger compilations of prospective merch, in other words, something they can “pick” through.

Know about a massive collection of rare gas station signs? Inherited Great Aunt Dottie’s circus memorabilia? Maybe your neighbor has a dilapidated old storage barn that hasn’t been opened for decades. You should probably call The American Pickers.

Let’s see if we can convince the guys to navigate their way down to South Florida!

To be considered for a visit from Wolfe and Fritz, send a name, phone number, location and description of the collection along with photos to americanpickers@cineflex.com or give them an old-school call at 855-OLD-RUST.

American Pickers has aired on The History Channel since debuting in 2010.

You can find “American Pickers” on Facebook, @GotAPick.


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