Hundreds of Haiti supporters protest near Mar-a-Lago

Haiti Protest Mar-a-Lago Trump

Hundreds of Haiti supporters protest near Mar-a-Lago

The crowd was chanting “What do we want? Apology! What do we want? Apology!” as several hundred Haitian-Americans and supporters marched near Mar-a-Lago on Monday. The protesters used Martin Luther King Jr. Day to stand against derogatory comments President Donald Trump allegedly made regarding immigrants from mostly-black countries.

Demonstrators wore shirts with phrases such as, “I love Haiti,” while they carried Haitian flags. Occasionally the crowd broke out in song between times of shouted chants in both English and Haitian Creole.

The chants focused on respect.

The protest was held on Southern Boulevard near the Intracoastal bridge. It was organized following the Thursday meeting on immigration where Trump reportedly made unsavory remarks in connection to Haiti and some other African nations.

Several of the protesters commented about the significance of marching on Martin Lther King, Jr. Day, stating that they believe King might have marched along with them if he were still alive.

The crowd’s organizer made it clear that they were not suggesting impeachment for the President. They say they understand that everyone makes mistakes and they are simply asking for an apology.

Across the street, Trump supporters held “Trump 2020” signs and waved American flags.

The President did not interact with participants on either side of the street. He left his Mar-a-Lago resort around 4:30 p.m. after playing golf.

Trump is expected to return to Palm Beach again on Friday. He denies making the derogatory remarks.



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