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Hurricane Prep with Pets

Hurricane Prep with Pets

*Finalize your plans now, Floridians! *Be prepared to enact your emergency hurricane plan including your pet*

Nothing makes you consider what is truly important in life more than an emergency situation. For many, pets rank highest on the list of importance. But how do you insure that Fido and Fluffy are safely cared for during a natural disaster?

You can find emergency online guides through organizations such as the Humane Society of the U.S.

Here is a list of our favorite ways to help pet owners prepare for a hurricane:

  1. Take a picture of you with your pet

Whatever your plans may be for enduring the storm, you may find yourself needing to identify as the owner of your pet. Even if your pet has ID such as a microchip, the recent photo could help make the connection easier and faster.

2. Have proper ID for your pet

A microchip is great, but if you do not have a chip for your pet, make sure to place a well-fitted ID collar on your pet.

3. Transport your pet in a kennel/crate

If you are heading to a shelter, you should confirm whether or not they will accept animals. Most pet-friendly shelters require dogs and cats to be in crates (aka: kennels).

4. Pack sufficient supplies for your pet

A good rule of thumb is to have 3-5 days of food and water and a one week supply of medication for your fur babies. Don’t forget a water/food bowl too. Hint: A schedule of the pet’s daily routine and any special needs could be helpful in the unlikely event that you must be separated from your pet.

5. Call ahead

Confirm in advance that your hotel or shelter will allow your pet(s). Do not assume that a crated pet will be allowed. And NEVER leave your pets at home during the storm. Hint: Your veterinarian is a good resource for pet-friendly shelters.

6. Keep your pets with you

If you are riding out the storm in a safe space, bring your four-legged friends into the space with you. Keep them on a leash if they are prone to running off, or in a kennel if they show signs of anxiety. Remember that when you are calm, your pet will feel much more comfortable too.


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