iPhone X Launches to Thousands waiting in lines, willing to pay $1,000 or more


The iPhone X – You can not escape the hype, not to mention Apple’s extremely successful marketing campaign, over the newly released addition to the iPhone family. But what is it about the next in the iPhone series that has thousands of people standing in lines willing to pay $1,000 or more just to get their hands on the sleek new screen?

Turns out, a good number of anxious fans of the X want it for the upgraded camera, which may or may not enhance your selfie-worthiness by its ability to blur the background of your pics.

The X’s camera also includes animated emoji’s, allowing you to create and star in mini-cartoons while keeping time with your facial movements.

The redesigned iPhone has tons of features including facial recognition which promises to let you sign in to your phone by “reading” your face. Oh, and don’t try to trip the system by growing a beard or donning a wig – it’s way too advanced for those gimmicks.

Why X? It’s the 10th Anniversary Edition of Apple’s legendary iPhone.

As the new phone was released, lines gathered outside of outlets offering the X and had patrons waiting for hours, sometimes with up to a thousand other in line. But it looks like Apple is ready, willing, and able to ante up their anniversary gift to anyone will to fork over a thousand dollars or more.

Pre-orders sold out in record time and are being filled rapidly. In fact, most can expect to see their shiny new phones arrive in plenty of time to capture all of their SnapChat-worthy holiday moments.

What’s that? You say you didn’t stand in line to get the new iPhone X? Not to worry, there are sure to be plenty of folks who did flooding the secondary markets eager to sell you theirs – for an even bigger price tag.



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