Is it Open or Closed?

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As South Florida moves to continue its recovery from Hurricane Irma, and keeps a skeptical eye on Hurricane Jose, closings remain in effect for many schools, businesses, and public areas.

Marathon is set to reopen to residents this morning, allowing those with property and family in the Irma-battered city to access the damage. But officials warn that re-entry will be strictly regulated, so looky-loo’s need not try.

Palm Beach and Broward County Schools remain closed until at least Thursday. Thankfully, there have been no reports of significant damage to school buildings, but power outages remain an issue for many.

Most south Florida¬†colleges and universities¬†are closed until further notice. If you are a student, your school’s website or emergency contact system should be your best source of when classes will resume.

Power restoration is the number one complaint fielded by local officials. FP&L has report that more than 1 million homes and businesses have been restored since Irma turned off the lights for as many as 12 million structures caught in the storm. More than half of Floridians were interrupted. Electricity is now being restored on a county-by-county basis; no information was made available on the list of order.

Gas stations are opened in limited numbers, depending largely on whether or not they have fuel. Local message boards, social media, and crowd-sourced apps are offering real-time updates in specific neighborhood areas. For the most, they have proven reliable. Here is a link to GasBuddy.

Many grocery stores such as Publix and WalMart, along with drug stores Walgreens and CVS began reopening yesterday. Although sock is more limited than usual, especially for ready-to-eat items, most have options still available. *If you need a prescription filled, please call ahead to insure your medication is available at your regular location. Due to delivery constraints, pharmacies have limited resources in some areas.

County Court systems are working to get up and running, but you should check-in with the automated phone number if you have jury duty or with the individual county if you are scheduled to appear. Federal courts are also returning to operation on an individual basis.

South Florida’s portion of the United States Postal Service has been suspended until Monday. Post offices are closed and no mail will be delivered in South Florida.

Tri-Rail and Amtrack are inspecting railways and are expected to restart service this week, pending any repairs.

Broward and Palm Beach Counties are in the process of inspecting their transportation fleets in order to resume public transportation operations as early as today. Traffic signals must be working and streets must be cleared of debris before the buses can run. The transport will abide by curfews, so be sure to check the schedule carefully.

All State Offices throughout Florida are closed; Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade county offices are also closed.



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