Is Prince Harry Proposing to Meghan Markle in Africa?


Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle are on a three-week vacation to Africa. Sources close to the couple say that this could be a significant trip with status-changing results.

Prince Harry, 32, who recently served as Captain in the British Army, has long loved spending time in Africa and is reportedly thrilled to introduce Meghan to his friends there. But the trip has all ready proven to be more than just a meet-and-greet.

When the two arrived in Botswana, Harry had a surprise celebration waiting for Markle, who is turning 36. According to onlookers, the party started as soon as they landed.

The timing of the travel lines up with the 20th anniversary of the tragic death of Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. The royal son traveled to Africa not long after his beloved mother died.

Another source revealed that Harry might propose during the trip so that he can have a reason to enjoy the month of August once more.

Speculation about the twosome has been growing since the “Suits” actress and the Prince began seeing each other. While the duo has remained mostly tight-lipped about their relationship, they’ve been spotted, but have not officially made any big announcements.

Meghan Markle, who seems to have a glowing halo of pure radiance about her since cozying-up with the handsome Prince, has cut down on appearances including those on the red carpet. All the more reason to wonder if she’s preparing to take on a new, more dignified role.

When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, he gave her his mother’s sapphire engagement ring. Brother Harry reportedly has been planning to use diamonds from a brooch inherited from Princess Diana. That would certainly make a girl swoon.

Is it possible that this is just a fabulous African holiday for the couple? Of course, but if fairy tales really do come true, we’re hoping these two live happily ever after.



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