Home Florida News Is the Heat on for LeBron James? What will Miami do? How about D-Wade?

Is the Heat on for LeBron James? What will Miami do? How about D-Wade?

Is the Heat on for LeBron James? What will Miami do? How about D-Wade?

The minute that longtime NBA writer Chris Sheridan tweeted: NBA source said today:”This will be LeBron’s final season in Cleveland. He is 100 percent leaving. Relationship with owners beyond repair.” the internet was set on fire with reports that King James is heading for a return to the Miami Heat.

However, several reporters such as Fox Sports 1’s Chris Broussard were quick to denounce the claim, stating that Lebron had not yet made a decision about his his future.

But fans rallied once again for a major shake-up with Heat, citing a report (around the same time) from Chicago claiming that Dwane Wade and the Bulls were in discussions for a buyout. If an agreement could be reached, Wade would be free to sign with any team, noting the Miami Heat still carry his exception.

The news sent fans dreaming of a D-Wade/King James reunion. The questions remain many, but the possibilities are igniting waves of excitement through Heat followers. As for South Beach, so far, most opinions circulating are strongly in favor of Miami reuniting the pair.

Getting real for a minute though, the rematch-up is a long shot. Some wager that Wade would be an easier score for the Heat, with the Bulls looking to rebuild. Speculators see a strong leaning toward Wade dressing in a Miami jersey when they play the Chicago Bulls in late March 2018. Getting James to return could prove to be much tougher.

Despite the fact that LeBron James holds the illustrious title of the Miami Heat’s all-time most hated player, he would most certainly be met with a healthy dose of South Beach love. Remember that pep rally where he predicted 7 championships for the Heat? Yeah, we’re almost over that. And who knows, maybe he could still keep that dream alive. We’ve seen the man come back from scores that looked so impossible even the most devoted fans went home.

I guess the message for James fans and Miami followers is to watch and wait; you never know what superhero LeBron James might just pull off in the end.



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