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It’s World Emoji Day, Celebrate Your Way!

It’s World Emoji Day, Celebrate Your Way!

It’s “World Emoji Day”.  What, no parade? No pointy party hats or hard-to-find gifts?

What could be better or more important to commemorate than emojis?

In a world where a sheer generation ago we were emoji deprived, it’s good to know that we are finally (winky face) giving emojis everywhere their day.

To mark the auspicious occasion, Apple revealed its newest additions to their emoji family: T-rex, elf, zombie, and numerous others. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed that T-rex emoji!

Every day more than 5 BILLION emojis are sent.

Pre-millennials, those of us who survived high school and beyond without emojis, were left to express our thoughts with mere facial expressions, or – (scary face) – words!

It comes as no surprise then that some of the same group of people would be likely to think they’re emoji-pro’s when they’re not even close.

I will never live down the time when my son got his first phone and I texted what I thought was a chocolate kiss emoji to christen his messages. Did I mention it wasn’t just the “chocolate kiss”, there was an eye, a red heart, and then the “chocolate kiss”…Not cool, Mom, not cool.

My husband, however, has a sixth sense about emojis, even though he refuses to partake in such “cartoon texting.”

One afternoon after I got my new smart phone, I sent him an emoji of a coffee cup, followed by a car, followed by a heart in hopes that he’d pick up a coffee on his way home. I had no idea that his phone (an archaic device with a pull-out buttoned keyboard) did not have the capacity to receive such exotic characters. Yet somehow he managed to arrive home with the coveted green-strawed coffee. When I checked his text it had something that looked like this //<)00. How he read, “Honey, I really need a coffee” is beyond me. (kissy face)

So for me, and perhaps for you, the best way to enjoy “World Emoji Day” is to remember your most embarrassing emoji mishaps; and how truly blessed you’ve been to have emojis in your (crazy face) life. After all, what we would do without the laugh/cry face, which just happens to be the world’s most used emoji.



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