LeBron still King as Cavs beat the Celtics in NBA Opener

LeBron James

The opening game for the NBA began with palatable anticipation as the supercharged Boston Celtics set off to unleash their superiority upon the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The game had barely begun when shocked fans watched the cringe-worthy injury of new Celtics shooting-star Gordon Hayward. In his first game with the Celts, Hayward tried to complete a dunk but landed violently on the floor resulting in a dislocated ankle and fractured tibia. In that moment, the excitement left the building.

Hayward was taken off of the court on a stretcher as members from both teams remained silent out of respect for the injured player.

Once the game resumed, LeBron and the Cavaliers ran the scoreboard up in their favor.

The hype of the preseason trades and player negotiations began to ease when both teams started gelling on the court. Dwayne Wade didn’t exactly live up to the expectations, but Derrick Rose showed he and LeBron may become a superforce.

Ultimately, the night belonged to Cleveland, but Boston showed that even without Hayward they should not be underestimated. Final score: Celtics 99, Cavaliers 102.

Bright Lights:
  • Celtics – Jaylen Brown, 25 pts.
  • Cleveland – Jae Crowder, 11 pts., 5 rebounds

Yeah, King James dominated the personal scores, tallying 29 points, however; the score was tight – too tight. With Hayward out, Boston continued to push and almost got one over on the powerhouse player and his newly reconfigured teammates.

What does this mean? Sadly Gordon Hayward has a long road ahead of him. Hopefully the promising player can get through the injury without losing the entire season. Certainly everyone wants this to be the case and our hearts go out him, his team, and his family.

Cleveland needs to get the chemistry worked out. This team has the ingredients to make it to the championship if they keep working to close the communication gaps on the court.

Boston showed guts. Without Hayward, the expectations for the team may decrease, but if these guys banded together, it could spell trouble for teams wanting to take home this year’s big prize.


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