MORE LONDON TERROR ATTACKS At least 6 civilians killed around London Bridge


London police said Sunday six civilians were killed in addition to three assaulters in the attacks on and near the London Bridge.

Police stated a van went crashing into pedestrians late Saturday night on the London Bridge and then a minimum of three aggressors began to stab pedestrians.

Police said the assaulters were shot and killed.

They included that the opponents appeared like to be using explosive vests, however they ended up being hoaxes.

At least 30 others were taken to five healthcare facilities, the London Ambulance Service said.

Video broadcast on British TELEVISION revealed a man on the ground who appeared to have containers strapped to him.

In addition, police performed a series of regulated surges in the location, in accordance with reporters there.

The white van careened off the roadway before striking numerous people on the busy bridge around 10 p.m. regional time.

Witnesses stated three men broke out of the van and attacked individuals with knives; some victims appeared to have their throats slit. Gunfire appeared at the bridge, though witnesses said it could have come from police.

One witness at Borough Market, a night life location near the bridge, told Britain’s Press Association she remained in a restaurant when the aggressors guys got in, then stabbed someone in the face and somebody in the stomach.

Witnesses say the attackers had large knives and it appeared they simply started stabbed anybody that they saw and knocked things on the ground while bystanders attempted to hide.

A witness identified only as Ben informed the BBC that he saw individuals fleeing and then saw a man in red with a big knife.

The prime minister is set to lead a meeting of the federal government emergency situation action committee Sunday, British officials included.


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