For Sale: 16th Century Florence-area property Michelangelo may have designed

During the Renaissance, it became vogue for many well-off families in Florence to acquired summer homes in the hills surrounding the city. When the summer season showed up, they would slip away to their country estates to escape the heat. This 16th century estate, about 5 miles south of Florence and priced at EUR 10.5 million (US $11,792,453) is one such home.

This grandiose property boasts an extraordinary mystery; the owner, an art historian, thinks that parts of the structure were designed by Michelangelo, the Florentine artist, sculptor, architect and poet of the Renaissance period.

Listing agent John Jonk of Italy Sotheby’s International Realty added, “The owner says that there are documents that suggest that Michelangelo was involved in its design, though there is no absolute proof.”

“Part of the reason that it is thought to be true is that Michelangelo’s father was the mayor of the village at the time,” Mr. Jonk said. “The style of the design and the date it was built also make it quite likely.”

Details available at reveal the estate includes 25 acres of vineyards that produce grapes used in Chianti Classico.  Until recently, wine has actually been made on the estate and the spacious property has roomy cellars to keep a substantial wine collection and house storage.

In fact, the home played an important role in the original production of Chianti Classico. It was among the estates where the rules were established for how the wine must be produced.

Positioned on the highest piece of land on the estate, the main house has significant views.

Florence Cathedral and its famous dome can be admired through clipped hedging in the gardens. “It brings home how close the property is to Florence,” Mr. Jonk said.

The statistics:

The primary house has six to seven bed rooms, 3 reception spaces, cooking area, library and a private chapel.

There are four aparments housed in a separate building, a guest home and outbuildings. There are 16 bedrooms on the estate in total.

Formal Italianate gardens, vineyards and almost 20 acres of olive groves are also present on the grounds.

Style notes:

The home’s trompe l’oeil frescos were created in the 17th and 18th centuries. They are included in every space on the ground floor other than the kitchen.


Though the wine is now produced off the estate, the estate has the centers and equipment to produce wine.

The home also includes an outdoor swimming pool.

Neighborhood Notes:

The home lies in Chianti, an area of central Tuscany well known for its stunning views, landscapes and vineyards that produce the grapes used in Chianti and Chianti Classico.


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