Hazmat called to Disneyland after geese poop on visitors – “No FOWL Play”

The most wonderful place on Earth wasn’t so magical for a group of Disneyland park-goers.

A strange occurrence took place at the Anaheim, California theme park when a group of geese flying overhead pooped on 11 adults and six children near the Sleeping Beauty Castle, The Orange County Register reports.

A hazmat crew along with local police were contacted to assess the occurrence. After analyzing the circumstance, the Anaheim Police Department tweeted that “no crime occurred.”

The inconvenienced visitors were permitted to clean up in private restrooms and given a change of clothes prior to returning to the park.

Officials confirmed that no one was injured and all visitors included were “happy and healthy.”

The unusual occasion proved a field-day for the internet which is exactly what you would anticipate from Twitter. Chris Klosowski beat others to the cliched punchline: Chris Klosowski @cklosowski @AnaheimPD @dannysullivan @AnaheimFire So fowl play was not suspected? 

Also caught in the Twitter crossfire were the Anaheim Fire and Anaheim Police Dept. The comments ranged from sarcastic to light-hearted to somewhat disturbing. All that we’ve come to expect from the gamete of Tweeters.

Still, one can’t help but wonder if included with their new clothes, guests received the ever-so-goose-proof Disney ponchos.



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