Home Tech and Gadgets Microsoft shuts down Docs.com, directs users to SlideShare and OneDrive

Microsoft shuts down Docs.com, directs users to SlideShare and OneDrive

Microsoft shuts down Docs.com, directs users to SlideShare and OneDrive

Every so often, a business will make a service or product that arrives on the marketplace, is ignored by the majority of people, then is closed down without caution– and very few individuals actually care. Such appears to be the case with Microsoft’s Docs.com document sharing service, which is being shuttered after a bit more than two years.

Docs.com was meant to function as a location to display your Office documents, but it never actually caught on among users. Microsoft published a statement at the top of the site’s home page showing that the service will formally shut down on December 15, 2017.

Microsoft’s message is simple:

“Microsoft is retiring the Docs.com service on Friday, December 15, 2017 and we are hereby advising all users to move their existing Docs.com content to other file storage and sharing platforms as soon as possible, as Docs.com will no longer be available after this date.”

Microsoft’s stated reason for shutting down Docs.com is that there are better choices offered. When Microsoft acquired LinkedIn last year, it acquired the popular SlideShare service that also hosts Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents to share publicly with other users.

According to Microsoft, SlideShare has an audience of 70 million, making it a vastly more significant platform than Docs.com.

In addition, Microsoft has its OneDrive cloud storage service, which permits a host of sharing options.

The company is promising to enhance its sharing offerings to offset whatever has been lost with the shuttering of Docs.com. Microsoft likewise has its Sway service that can be utilized for publishing multimedia discussions, and it is directing users there as well.

If you happen to be one of the fairly few people using Docs.com, then as of today you’ll be able to access your existing files that are saved there, however; you will not have the ability to publish new documents.

If you’re not utilizing Docs.com, then you won’t have the ability to develop a new Docs.com account– not that you ‘d wish to.

Existing users can sign into Docs.com and have their content immediately supported to OneDrive.

You can find more details at Microsoft’s Office support site, including directions on ways to copy your documents from Docs.com. There’s a host of information out there.

Microsoft isn’t leaving its Docs.com users totally high and dry, even if it’s supplying hardly any time to prepare for an alternative.


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