Home Lifestyle New Flamin’ Hot Cheetos flavor finally hits shelves

New Flamin’ Hot Cheetos flavor finally hits shelves

New Flamin’ Hot Cheetos flavor finally hits shelves

New Flamin’ Hot’ Cheetos taste finally strikes shops

Not a millennial? Then you probably don’t know much about the hype involved with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. The crunchy, MSG-laden, Cheeta-logo’d snack is nothing short of a cult favorite.

Obviously, the next logical step in the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos rise to super-stardom is to add Ranch flavor.

Drum roll, please…

After months of anticipation, Frito-Lay has finally released its Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheetos in shops across the country– and fans are already going nuts about it.

“Thank you Cheeto gods for this true blessing,” composed one especially excited Twitter user who goes by the handle Babycheeto.

The crispy snack, which is essentially a brand-new take on Frito-Lay’s Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, basically includes smoky chipotle pepper and cattle ranch seasoning in addition to its original blend of cheese and spice powders– or at least that’s the impression one receives from the illustration of Chester Cheetah on the front of the bag.

According to Delish, Frito-Lay in fact announced the new taste in May during Chicago’s Snacks Exposition, however originally prepared to launch the brand-new offering in July.

Regardless, Cheetos connoisseurs across the Web do not appear the least bit upset by the unforeseen arrival of a brand-new Flamin’ Hot flavor.

Online reviews of the brand-new Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheetos are few and far between, but the treat has actually been referred to as a “good change for the summer” in addition to rave reviews by food bloggers/vloggers.

Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch Cheetos have actually apparently been seen in Safeway, Giant and Wegmans grocery stores,in addition to Target, 7-11 and Walgreens.

Consider yourself informed.


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