Poll: Floridians don’t see Trump’s new guidelines good for Cubans


Florida voters are somewhat supportive of President Donald Trump’s new Cuban policies, but neither of his big proposals gets 50 percent support in a new Florida Atlantic University poll. And the majority doesn’t think the shift will make life any better for the Cuban people.

The same FAU poll also discovered Trump’s performance rating has slipped in Florida.

His approval stands at 35 percent, with 44 percent disapproving of his performance as president, a net negative of 9 percentage points. In March, Trump had a net negative of 2 percentage points.

The Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative conducted the survey after Trump announced changes in U.S. policy toward Cuba on Friday. It plans to release the results Tuesday.

Before a supportive audience in Little Havana, Trump said he wanted to bring freedom and democracy to the Cuban people, and then signed a memo ordering agencies under his control to develop rules to scale back some, but not all, of former President Barack Obama’s policies.

When the new rules take effect, individual travel to Cuba will be scaled back and business dealings with Cuban government-owned entities will be restricted. 

Floridians are not convinced the new U.S. policy will make life better for Cubans. The poll found 36 percent believe the new policies would make life worse in Cuba, 21 percent said they would make life better, and 43 percent said they would make no difference.


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