Security AMPED UP for Vice President’s visit to Florida International University


Following Wednesday’s attack in Virginia, security concerns hit a new high. The marked change in security confidence is being felt particularly hard at venues booked by political parties and featuring high-ranking officials.

Several members of the Trump Administration, including Vice President Mike Pence are expected to attend a conference at Miami’s Florida International University.

The Secret Service has been on the campus which is nearing the end of “Summer A” classes making preparations for the Republican leaders’ visit.

Fazzi Bhatti was watching while security measures were placed, “Everyone is on edge, you’re anxious, you just don’t know what to think of.”

Vice President Mike Pence is expected to arrive at FIU by police motorcade, and will be protected by several Secret Service agents.

“I think it’s a security risk for everyone involved, everyone here,” said Bhatti.

The US Vice President and other members of Trump’s Republican administration are coming to FIU for a conference to discuss Central American policy on security and prosperity.

“What happened in Virginia it could happen here you never know,” added Bhatti.

In addition to the Vice President, leaders from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala on the public campus.

“I feel like if they are going to do something like that it should be more in a private setting,” said Bhatti.

Bhatti is not alone in that sentiment, many students don’t feel at ease with the conference on campus, but the State Department says appropriate security measures are in place at the Graham Center, where the event is taking place.

Another student expressed it this way, “I believe in God and I know he is with me at all times so when it’s your day, it’s your day, but I guess that is kind of dangerous.”

The school is all ready equipped with anti-vehicle barriers, and security cameras, giving authorities a strategic view, but Bhatti is thinking twice about coming to FIU Thursday.

“You know what? You got to take care of yourself and I feel like you know what, it’s not safe.”

Also planned is a protest during the Republican leaders’ visit to the campus. According to a Facebook event post, around 1,000 people are interested in attending.



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