Ticks are particularly out in mass numbers this year, and this one species you should be watched out for if you’d ever like to eat meat again.

Experts say the lone star tick appears to be widening from its home base in the southeastern US. Whereas other ticks can spread ailments such as Lyme disease, the lone star tick is troubling because it is believed to trigger a potentially life-threatening and apparently lifelong meat allergy with its bite.

The tick doesn’t technically make people allergic to meat, but rather to a sugar molecule found in red meat known as alpha-gal. This alpha-gal allergy has typically been limited to the southeastern US, where the lone star tick is prevalent, but no more, reports Wired.

Inverse reports that cases have been reported in Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and New York,—in which the consumption of meat can result in hives, difficulty breathing, or death.