Trump may be getting a wall – in Palm Beach!

The president may be getting a wall sooner than expected – in Palm Beach, FL.

The so-called “wall” in discussion is a wall of barriers aiming to be constructed at Palm Beach International Airport. The airport frequented by the President and company when commuting to Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach resort.

According to reports, the Secret Service wants Air Force One shielded when it’s parked on the south side of the airport.

CBS 12 News team member, Kristen Chapman, noticed the area where the wall is proposed. She tweeted,

See these school buses? New wall could be built here instead for extra security when Air Force One parks at PBIA near Southern Blvd. @CBS12

As reported by the Palm Beach Daily News, The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is partnering with TCP Security Solutions of Tampa, the same company who worked with law enforcement to build the eight-feet tall steel fences when the Chinese president visited in April.

At this time, it is unclear how much the new security measures will cost or when it will be built.

President Trump is not likely to land in the area until the fall, so officials may have some time to decide how to move forward.

Photo source- Palm Beach Post



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