Why you won’t get the Apple iPhone 8 at launch

Loyal iPhone fans, now’s a good time to begin keying up a letter to Santa if you’re hoping to acquire the iPhone 8 this year, since there’s yet another report that states your best opportunity of obtaining one is by Christmas instead of at the launch.

Although iPhone 8 (AKA iPhone X) production isn’t experiencing any type of hold-ups, the reports suggest Apple will only have a limited supply at launch.

In a research note seen by Barron’s, BlueFin Research Partners say there is no hold-up in purchasing parts for Apple’s iphone at this time. However, the iPhone X, which is what they call the apple iphone 8, will see a limited launch in September.

Apple’s official statement reads that they’ll make a total of 13 million of the iPhone X through the September release date. That’s a reduction of 5 million from the original forecast.

But analysts agree that we’ll see a trend in iPhone manufacturing where the iPhone X will take up the majority.

The analysts remind that we could also see a mid-season boost to Apple’s prodution.

Pressure will remain on Apple to continue the growth of the iPhone X while the possibility of additional updates and even new products or phone models.

Until then, get a head start on your Christmas wish list.


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