Delray Beach upholds ban on Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical Marijuana

Delray Beach has decided to extend their one-year moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries. The city says it will reevaluate the decision in September 2018.

City Commissioners unanimously voted to uphold the ban, including Commissioner Jim Chard, who previously voted against the ban, and says he still supports medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. Commissioner Mitch Katz, who gave his approval, made it clear that his decision was made after the commission placed the one-year term on the restriction.

Why the one-year ban? Delray Beach leaders want to see how other cities deal with marijuana dispensaries and evaluate the fallout on those municipalities.

Prior to the vote, the city’s public safety officials added that dispensaries could increase their call volume and would potentially be a burden on the fire and police departments.

R. Max Lohman, Delray City Attorney, also recommended the ban, saying state laws make it difficult to regulate dispensaries and require them to be monitored much like pharmacies.

During the ban, marijuana can not be purchased in Delray Beach, but residents with a prescription are still able to use and carry medical marijuana.

Outside of Delray Beach, Lake Worth has approved a facility that could be up and running as soon as next month. Miami-Dade County also has options for those filling medical marijuana prescriptions. On-line and delivery services can still fulfill prescribed deliveries for Delray Beach residents.



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