Marvin Dixon brings ‘Fifty Shades of Comedy’ to South Florida

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Miami native Marvin Dixon is closely followed by loyal fans. And South Florida fans couldn’t be happier that the seasoned comedian is bringing his hit show “Fifty Shades of Comdey – The All White Edition” to the Casino at Dania Beach on Saturday, July 22.

Many have laughed until they cried hearing Marvin Dixon from his run at Miami Nights in the ’90s and then at “Laugh Out Loud Thursdays” at the Hollywood Improv in the 2000’s. The veteran performer has compiled a new stellar show, and he’s not holding back on the talented line-up of comics.

“A lot of headliners don’t want anyone as funny as them,” Dixon says while on tour in Atlanta. “In the famous words of Richard Pryor, ‘As long as you help others be successful, you will always be successful.’ ”

Dixon will be joined by comedians Big Sean Larkin, Darren “D.S.” Sanders and Smokey Suarez. What does he really think about the hand-picked cast? Why not get the biggest names? “I like to book the funniest comedians in the country and sometimes that is a different person. It’s like a restaurant. Yeah, it may be the most popular restaurant, but does it have the best food?”

The name “50 Shades of Comedy” is interesting, Marvin revealed that the  “50 Shades” is referring to comedians from all races and all walks of life. “Some people like rap music, some rock ‘n’ roll, some R&B, some heavy metal, but everybody likes to laugh. Everybody.”

So, what’s up with “The All White Edition”? Marvin explained that the concept stemmed from something they’ve been doing since the 2000’s. “All the comedians will be dressed in white and all the audience will have white on. It’s like an all-white soiree. It was something we usually did during the summer. And then, everyone mixes and mingles afterward.”

Come out in your best white ensemble as Marvin and his friends make you laugh all night long. Stage 954 at the Casino at Dania Beach, 301 E. Dania Beach Blvd. Tickets cost $15, $20 and $200 (VIP seats at table for four). To order, call 844-234-7469 or go to


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